3-Series Launch

Every 7-8 years BMW launches a new 3-Series, which is their flagship model. The 3-Series stands for over 50% of all BMW sales worldwide. To launch the new 3-Series we visited 8 dealerships around Denmark with a high level road show and a total of 2700 guests.

The car was presented by local celebrity Peter Kjær and car designer Jesper Hermann. Together with canapés created by Søren Westh, and itimate concert performance by one of the biggest names in Denmark Burhan G. 

The events were held during the cold winter months so it was main idea was to bring a warm and exclusive feel to each dealership. Each of the 3 model lines of the 3-Series was represented by specially picked furniture, food & beverage, design elements and co branding with local and international brands. 

Special thanks to

Singer - Burhan G

Presenter - Peter Kjær

Presenter - Jesper Hermann

Søren Westh - Enspire

Audio setup - Bang & Olufsen

Coffee - Nespresso

Chocolate - A XOCO by Anthon Berg

Light & Sound - Soundcrew

Furniture - Bo Concept