New Years Concert

Client: DR
Type: Crew, Logistics, Catering
Date: December 2014


Each year the Danisch Broadcasting Corporation (DR) hosts two concerts on New Years Eve with 1800 guests at each concert. During the very short break between the first and second act, guests are invited to taste a few canapés and a glass of cava to celebrate the occasion.

For the production We/Do together with Enspire invented the Canapébox. A box that contains space for four canapés and a glass holder. The idea was was created whilst thinking about how all 1800 guests would be able to be served within the 25 minute timeslot available.

The Canapébox was a huge succes and is now used each year at the concerts and for other events. 

We/Do Agency has delivered for the concept four years in a row. 

Special thanks to

Søren Westh & Torsten Vildgaard - Enspire